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Protect your home & loved ones with our residential window tinting films.

Why Tint Your Windows?


Every year unsuspecting home owners are victims to the effects of UV rays. Whether it’s a health related issue, or upholstery, everyone feels the effects.

Premier Window Tinting St. Louis maintains the rights to several exclusive window films that were especially created for residential window tinting. Our films were scientifically geared to match every concern a homeowner may have, and we are excited to share with you the best films currently available. There’s nothing like large windows overlooking your property, but these windows allow large amount of rays into your home creating uncomfortable temperature and damaging effects.

Year after year, high levels of UV rays that come directly into your windows can have extremely negative effects on almost everything and everyone in your household.

The harmful UV rays are detrimental to skin and the glass window can magnify these unfortunate side effects. Our films block 99% of the rays, which not only can protect your health, but your furniture too. The UV rays causes the color of the upholstery to fade, furniture fabric to fray, wood to crack and even precious artwork to grow faint. A simple window tint can protect all these harmful effects to happen, at a fraction of the cost of replacing anyone of these items.

Why Premier Window Tinting?


Our residential window tinting installers have over fifteen years of experience on every type of home possible (even boat homes!). All of our technicians are certified seasoned individuals who are masters of their craft. Let them provide the answers to any questions you have regarding the solar films. Before a film is placed they will meticulously go over the details of every film and match the solution that is the perfect fit for your home. We understand better than anyone that this is an investment, and it is our goal that it will provide dividends for years to come.

They are here to talk with you about what exactly you want, and find a film to match your specific desire. Whether it’s keeping the same level of brightness and lowering the room temperature or lowering brightness and maintaining temperature—they will talk you through our process and figure out exactly what you are looking for. Call us today to receive a free quote on our residential window tinting and talk to one of our experienced customer service agents.

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