Paint Protection Film

Keep your car’s paint & headlights looking as good as new!

How would you like to keep your car’s paint and headlights looking like new, always shiny & glossy, even with all the gravel, stones and bug acid abuse day in, and day out? How about instantly increasing its resale value? It is possible!

More people are keeping their cars longer today and they want to keep it looking like new.Your car is guaranteed to have paint chips and minor dings if its on the road. You can prevent damage from road rash, scuffs, random keying etc etc with out the unsightly black vinyl “bra”. Get a paint protection film application! Your car will thank you!

Protect Your Paint!


More Benefits


As you are aware, your car is your second biggest investment. Since today’s automobiles cost more and last longer than cars of just a few years ago, buyers anticipate an operational life extending well beyond a 100,000 miles. Thus, consumers have a heightened interest in protecting vehicle appearance and preserving their investment.

In the old days bug deflectors and black plastic bras were the first line of defense that came to mind , when a new car was purchased. Over the years it was apparent that the black bras had to be taken out after the rain , trap and grind gravel in between and would fade the uncovered area if left long enough.There had to be a better way. Thus was born the paint protection film . This clear film does not alter the vehicles appearance or change its aerodynamics, is functional and practical, and prolongs the life of the finish. It is precision cut to your cars exact specifications and then installed with a simple soapy solution. THATS IT!! There is nothing worse than a used luxury car with acne and touched up paint.

Your car will get a better resale value with an unrepainted body when you sell it back to the dealer or a private buyer. The fact that your car has a PAINT PROTECTION FILM on it will give you an added advantage during a resale in the crowded used car market. Automobile leasing companies, due to the current market conditions are becoming stricter on their lease returned cars and are passing the cost of diminished value to the customer . You can rest assured that this film greatly reduces above average wear and tear.

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